Reply from The US Ambassador (Thư trả lời của Đại Sứ Ted Osius)

Ambassador Ted Osius
Ambassador Ted Osius 3:10am Jul 30
Dear Mr. Do,
Ambassador Ted Osius
Ambassador Ted Osius 3:11am Jul 30
I am disappointed that you chose to write to my boss before checking the facts with me. I have always been straight-forward and respectful, and I expect the same in return.
Ambassador Osius made a point of visiting California during his recent trip back to the United States in order to meet with members of the Vietnamese-American community, hear their thoughts and concerns about U.S.-Vietnam relations, and explain our current policy, recognizing the tremendous contributions the Vietnamese-American community has made to our bilateral relationship.

The Ambassador had very substantive discussions, and listened carefully to the views and suggestions of the Vietnamese-Americans he met. As can be seen in this YouTube video ( – correct one?), Ambassador Osius was always polite and respectful, including in an exchange with a woman wearing the south Vietnamese flag. The Ambassador told her he respected the symbol and her right to display it, but also noted that, as the U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam, he preferred not to be photographed with it given the potential sensitivities. On no occasion, though, did he forbid anyone to display the flag or ask for all flags to be removed from the venues. Displaying the flag is obviously their lawful and legitimate right as American citizens.

Thank you again for your letter. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. We look forward to continuing to work closely with you.

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