CĐNVQGHK – Thư phản đối ƯCV thượng viện Faye Steward tiểu bang Oregon

The Vietnamese American Community of the USA
 16204 Viki Lynn Pl., Pflugerville, TX 78660
TEL: (703)980-9425 ; (512)789-0481
April 5, 2016
To: Mr. Faye Steward
U.S. Senate Candidate (Republican – Oregon)
Subject:  Objection to Mr. Steward racist statement that insults our Vietnamese Americans
Dear Mr. Steward;
On behalf of the Vietnamese American Community of the USA, we strongly object your recent racist statement aiming at our Vietnamese Americans.
The truth is that we are from a country of different culture. What is normal to us might not be good to you, and vice versa. But for almost half century in this new homeland, we have been proven one of the ethnics that quickly adapted to the American culture and have earned good reputation thanked to our successes and contributions to American society.
There are some bad apples in a basket. That doesn’t mean the apples are all bad.
You cannot look at some bad guys and conclude that their living style of a community are so bad that you can accept!
Moreover, Vietnamese Americans are peaceful. We cause no threat or harm to America.
What you have said really hurts our feeling and pride.
A man who pursuits political career should never say such insulting thing to any people or ethnic community.
We need you to publicly apologize to our Vietnamese American Community.
Sincerely yours,
Michael Do
CEO, President of the VAC-USA
Cc: Vietnamese American Mass Media
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