“Gậy Bà Đập Lưng Bà”!

    Sau khi bà Clinton dùng mưu kế thâm độc qua gia đình ông Khizr Khan để tấn công “đối thủ” của mình trong vài ngày qua.  Nào ngờ, sau đó giới truyền thông của Mỹ đã tiết lộ các tin tức quan trọng về ông Khizr Khan & đã khiến ông phải xóa hết tất cả thông tin & “đóng cửa” trang mạng của văn phòng luật gian trá của mình để dấu đi mối quan hệ giữa ông & bà Clinton liên quan đến các vụ sau đây:

  • Buôn bán thẻ xanh, thẻ công dân Mỹ bất hợp pháp qua “khe hở” của chương trình Di Dân SB5.  
  • Nhằm đưa những tên gián điệp, đặc công, & khủng bố vào nước Mỹ.  Điều nầy bọn csvn & TC cũng đang tiến hành đưa các cán bộ, gián điệp ra hải ngoại để “nằm vùng” & cướp các thông tin và các tài liệu mật từ chính phủ cho đến các đại công ty trên thế giới. 
  • Nhằm chuyển tiền tham nhũng & hối lộ từ $25 triệu cho đến hàng tỷ đô-la vào quỹ “Từ Thiện” Clinton Foundation từ các quốc gia từng bảo trợ cho những tên khủng bố từ Trung Đông như Iran, Saudi Arabia, vv…  (Xem tin tức Phần B & C).
    Sau đó, nhật báo The Wall Street Journal đã tiết lộ bà Clinton đã bí mật dấu tin tức & “qua mặt” Quốc Hội cùng dân chúng Mỹ để “chuyển tiền” tham nhũng bất hợp pháp là $400 triệu đô-la tiền thuế của dân Mỹ cho bọn khủng bố Iran.  Tổng số tiền sẽ là $1.7 tỷ đô-la.  Báo chí đang lên án bà ta đang cướp tiền của Quốc Hội để nuôi bọn khủng bố & hại lại dân Mỹ với số tiến hối lộ nầy.   (Xem tin tức Phần A dưới đây).
                                   ***************************** ****

Trump on reported $400M cash payment to Iran: ‘Scandal’

“Our incompetent Secretary of State” laid the groundwork for outreach to Iran, Trump claimed.
Phần A:
    Donald Trump on Wednesday attacked the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton over a report that the U.S. secretly ferried $400 million in cash to Iran as four American prisoners were freed earlier this year.
    The “incompetent” Clinton, who was secretary of State earlier in Obama’s term, “was the one who started talks to give $400 million dollars, in cash, to Iran,” Trump said on Twitter early on Wednesday morning, hours after the story broke in The Wall Street Journal.

According to the Journal, the U.S. delivered the cash to Iran as stacks of bills on wooden pallets in an unmarked cargo plane in January, as the four Americans were in the final stages of their release from Iranian prison.

    The payment was reportedly made in a combination of multiple currencies, including euros and Swiss francs. It is illegal to do business with Iran in U.S. dollars.
    The State Department defended the payment, which came as part of a separate legal issue between the U.S. and Iran unrelated to either the American prisoners or the international nuclear pact, which went into full effect later that same weekend. The money is part of a scuttled arms accord reached shortly before the Iranian revolution in 1979.    
    “Not only were the two negotiations separate, they were conducted by different teams on each side, including, in the case of The Hague claims, by technical experts involved in these negotiations for many years,” department spokesman John Kirby said in a statement, referring to the international court that oversaw the settlement deal.  
    The $400 million represented the first installment of a $1.7 billion settlement, which critics of the Obama administration have repeatedly decried as ransom for the prisoners’ release.
    New details about the unusual nature of the payment are only likely to magnify those claims, and renew focus on the White House’s controversial outreach to Iran.
    “The logistics of this payment — literally delivering a plane full of cash to evade U.S. law — shows yet again the extraordinary lengths the Obama administration will go to accommodate Iran, all while hiding the facts from Congress and the American people,” Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.), the head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said in a statement late on Tuesday evening. 
    “Hundreds of millions in the pockets of a terrorist regime means a more dangerous region, period. And paying ransom only puts more American lives in jeopardy.
    Clinton has taken credit for laying the groundwork for the Iran deal, despite unanimous opposition from Republicans and a fair amount of criticism from Democrats
—————————— ————————–
Phần B:

Panic Mode: Khizr Khan Deletes Law Firm Website that Specialized in Muslim …

Khizr Khan, the Muslim Gold Star father that Democrats and their allies media wide have been using to hammer GOP…

    Khizr Khan, the Muslim Gold Star father that Democrats and their allies media wide have been using to hammer GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, has deleted his law firm’s website from the Internet !!!.

    This development is significant, as his website proved— as Breitbart News and others have reported—that he financially benefits from unfettered pay-to-play Muslim migration into America.
    A snapshot of his now deleted website, as captured by the Wayback Machine which takes snapshots archiving various websites on the Internet, shows that as a lawyer he engages in procurement of EB5 immigration visas and other “Related Immigration Services”.  The website is completely removed from the Internet, and instead directs visitors to the URL at which it once was to a page parking the URL run by GoDaddy.
    The EB5 program, which helps wealthy foreigners usually from the Middle East essentially buy their way into America, is fraught with corruption. U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has detailed such corruption over the past several months, and in February issued a blistering statement about it
    “Maybe it is only here on Capitol Hill—on this island surrounded by reality—that we can choose to plug our ears and refuse to listen to commonly accepted facts,” Grassley said in a statement earlier this year. “The Government Accountability Office, the media, industry experts, members of congress, and federal agency officials, have concurred that the program is a serious problem with serious vulnerabilities. Allow me to mention a few of the flaws.”
    Grassley’s statement even noted that the program Khan celebrated on his website has posed national security risks.
    “There are also classified reports that detail the national security, fraud and abuse. Our committee has received numerous briefings and classified documents to show this side of the story,” Grassley said in the early February 2016 statement. “The enforcement arm of the Department of Homeland Security wrote an internal memo that raises significant concerns about the program. One section of the memo outlines concerns that it could be used by Iranian operatives to infiltrate the United States. The memo identifies seven main areas of program vulnerability, including the export of sensitive technology, economic espionage, use by foreign government agents and terrorists, investment fraud, illicit finance and money laundering.
    Khan spoke alongside his wife Ghazala Khan at the Democratic National Convention last week in Philadelphia, and they were honoring their son U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan—a hero who lost his life to a suicide bomber in Iraq in 2004. On behalf of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president, Khizr Khan ripped into Donald Trump’s policies on immigration—specifically bashing his plan to bar Muslim migration from regions afflicted with rampant terrorism into America temporarily until the United States can figure out what’s going on.
    Khan even brought out a pocket Constitution, claiming inaccurately that Trump’s plans were unconstitutional. That’s not true, as Congress has already granted such power to the president under the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952allowing the president to bar migration of any alien or class of aliens the president sees as a threat to the United States for any reason at any time. Such a class of aliens could be Muslims, or it could be people from a specific region of the world, or any other class—such as someone’s race, weight, height, age, national origin, religion, or anything else.
    The media, along with Hillary Clinton and her supporters throughout the Democratic Party establishment, has pushed the line of attack against Trump for days. Now on Tuesday, President Barack Obama has said that Trump is “unfit” to serve as President over the matter. Even a group of anti-Trump congressional Republicans has gone after Trump on the matter.
    But as Breitbart News and other new media have exposed Khan’s various deep political and legal connections to the Clintons—and to Muslim migration—the attack line has crumbled. Now, with Khan deleting his website in an apparent effort to hide his biographical information, the attack is falling apart even more.
    What’s perhaps interesting is that also on this website that he has now deleted, Khan revealed that he spent nearly a decade working for the mega-D.C. law firm Hogan & Hartson—now Hogan Lovells LLP—which connects him directly with the government of Saudi Arabia and the Clintons themselves. Saudi Arabia, which has retained the firm that Khan worked at for years, has donated between $10 million and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton, despite the repeated urging of Trump, has refused to return the Clinton Cash money to the Saudis. What’s more, Hogan Lovells also did Hillary Clinton’s taxes—and helped acquire the patents for parts of the technology she used in crafting her illicit home-brew email server that the FBI director called “extremely careless” in handling classified information.
    What’s more, the entire mainstream has proven negligence with regard to this matter as none of them even thought to look into this Khan guy’s law practice before bandying him about as some kind of magic elixir that cures the country of Trump. 
—————————— —————————-
Phần C:

Khan’s secret ties to Saudis, push for more migrants in U.S.

Khizr Khan, the father of a slain Muslim U.S. soldier, who condemned Republican nominee Donald Trump at the Demo…
    Khizr Khan, the father of a slain Muslim U.S. soldier, who condemned Republican nominee Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention, has deep ties to both Saudi Arabia’s government and a pay-to-play scheme bringing Muslim migrants into the U.S.
     And on Tuesday, he suddenly deleted his law firm’s website from the Internet !!!
    According to screenshots captured by the Internet archiving website Wayback Machine, Khan is a lawyer who helps obtain EB5 immigration visas and offers other “Related Immigration Services.”
    The EB5 visas allow wealthy foreigners – such as migrants from China, South Korea, Mexico and the Middle East – to get green cards if they invest in American jobs.
    “In effect, rich people can buy American citizenship, and that’s made it controversial in an era of wariness about immigration,” wrote Atlantic reporter Alana Semuels. “Most of them are doing it because they want the green card and it’s the fastest or best way to get a green card.”
    The program has been widely criticized as being “especially susceptible to corruption and of questionable worth.”
Khan’s ties to Saudi Arabia
    Perhaps more curious is Khan’s work history at Hogan Lovells Llp, an American firm contracted by the Saudis to work for the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia until 2016, according to the Washington Free Beacon.
    The Free Beacon noted, “Robert Kyle, a lobbyist from the firm, has bundled $50,850 for Clinton’s campaign,” and it added: The Saudi government has “supplied the Clinton Foundation with millions. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has given between $10 and $25 million to the foundation while Friends of Saudi Arabia has contributed between $1 and $5 million.
    That connection led FrontPage Magazine’s Robert Spencer to ask: “Is Saudi Arabia trying to manipulate the U.S. presidential election?”
    “Might the government of Saudi Arabia, which has spent countless billions of dollars spreading the virulent and violent Wahhabi strain of Islam around the world, have any interest in making sure that a presidential candidate who speaks more forthrightly about the Islamic terror threat than any presidential candidate has since John Quincy Adams, and who has vowed to take concrete steps to counter that threat, is defeated? Is that why Khizr Khan, brimming with self-righteous indignation and misleading disinformation about the relationship of Islamic jihad terrorism to Islam, was not only featured at the Democratic National Convention but has dominated the news cycle ever since?”
    Spencer continued, “The real foreign influence story in this election involves the Saudis and the Democrats. Saudi influence in Washington must end. Khizr Khan represents an all-out effort by the mainstream media and the Democratic Party establishment to maintain that influence. In light of that, Donald Trump was right to answer his attacks, and should have been even stronger in his responses. It’s time for the United States of America to regain its independence.
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