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Feb 25, 2016

Senator Ricardo Lara

Senator Bill Monning

Senator Kevin de León

State of California Senate.

Sacramento, CA 95814


Subject: We strongly oppose your rude treatment toward Senator Janet Nguyen


Dear Sirs:


On Tuesday 02/21/2017 when Senator Nguyen was making a statement about the late Tom Hayden, she was interrupted and later removed from the room.

Ms. Nguyen was speaking the truth about Tom Hayden whose pro-Communist view point had contributed to the anti-war movement that led to the fall of South Vietnam – a big loss to the USA.

To our Vietnamese Americans who resettled in the USA, Tom Hayden betrayed the ideology of freedom and democracy that the United States of America had advocated and championed throughout the free world. More than 57 thousand American died for those Ideologies in Vietnam War. The great majority of American Veterans condemn Tom Hayden as traitor.

Besides, Ms. Nguyen was exercising her right of expression. Her words might not suit your perspective or political perception. But you have no right to order the officers to take her out like a criminal.

If a Senator’s First Amendment rights can be violated; how we can believe that our rights would be respected?


On behalf of the Vietnamese American Community of the USA, we strongly oppose your rude reaction to Ms. Nguyen.

You owe an apology to Ms. Nguyen and her voters.

Thank you,

Michael Do, President

Cc: Senator Janet Nguyen

Mass Media

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