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December 1st, 2017

To: The City of Mimasaka, Japan

Subject: Request to Remove Ho Chi Minh’s Statue at the Museum of Mimasaka City


Dear Mr. Hagiwara Seiji – Mayor of Mimasaka City

         Ms. Suzuki Etsuko – Chairwoman of the City Council

         All Members of the City Council of Mimasaka,

We learnt your city had recently received the statue of Ho Chi Minh as a special gift from the government of Vietnam. The statue is currently on display at your distinguished museum of Mimasaka City. At the ceremony that marked the 45th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations with Vietnam, your city officials observed the statue as a symbol of friendship between the two peoples and the deep strategic partnership for peace and prosperity between the two countries. We respectfully argue that Ho Chi Minh statue is not a symbolic icon that represents the values your country are known for.  Here are a few facts about Ho Chi Minh and his atrocious crimes, we – the Vietnamese American people – earnestly ask for your consideration:

·         Ho Chi Minh’s, a communist agent, real name is Nguyen Sinh Cung. The name ”Ho Chi Minh” and dozen other names are fake propaganda names he fabricated for himself to hide his real identify from the international authority.

·         After his Viet Minh force ascended to power on Sep 2, 1945 across most of North Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh (HCM) then arrested, imprisoned, and killed thousands of non-Communist nationalists and allies who had fought alongside him against the French, to monopolize Communist power in his China backed government.

·         HCM’s Land Reform killed an estimated of 80,000 North Vietnamese peasants labelled as ”landlords”, actually many were either political opponents/dissidents, perceived as ”class enemies” and demographic groups perceived unsupportive of the Communists. Those were people who didn’t agree with HCM’s collectivization and land/property confiscations. HCM later claimed the Land Reform he masterminded was a ”mistake” that ”was undertaken by his overzealous, wrongful cadres and subordinates” to avoid his responsibility over these atrocities – actually, HCM is the President of North Vietnam and no major decisions could be executed without his approval/order.

·         HCM, along with Le Duan and other warmongering top Communist party members  the North Vietnamese military campaign against South Vietnam, a free nation recognized by the United Nations. The unjust war had 4 million Vietnamese killed, civilians and combatants, destroyed the country, and culminated in Communist rule over the whole country until today. After the invasion, 2 million Boat People fled the country after the country unification; 50% of these poor refugees were perished on the high sea or in deep jungles.

·         Ho Chi Minh, the founder of Indochinese Communist Party (1930), is responsible for all miseries our people have been enduring for the last 80 years. He is no hero to the general populace of Vietnam, but only to the Communists who hold power and enjoy high privilege. Since the communist government was established in North Vietnam in 1954 and entire nation in 1975, there has been no freedom of speech, press, assembly or anything else except within the confines of Marxist-Leninist doctrine.

Since Japan is the country we respect most in Asia as the symbol of progress, humanity, and democracy, we are really surprised a personality like Ho Chi Minh or even his statue is welcome at the heart of your great City. Ho Chi Minh does not represent the true elite, leadership and culture of Vietnam; he is far from embracing the values that you are revered in Japan and the City of Mimasaka.

 We would like you to take into consideration how hurtful the display of Ho’s statue is to millions of Vietnamese refugees who fled Vietnam after the fall of South Vietnam. Many refugees are now the citizens of Japan. It also hurts the feeling of tens of millions people in Vietnam who have been suffering from the Communist brutal rule. Many Vietnamese are still trying to flee from the country to escape the merciless policies and oppression of the Communist regime. We assume the display of Ho’s statue also hurts the Japanese citizens who embrace the values of democracy and freedom.

We hereby sincerely ask your council to thoroughly research the history of Vietnam and validate the true identity of Ho Chi Minh.  Your consideration to remove Ho Chi Minh’s statue from your City Museum is not just for our humble request, but for your children who would later question the knowledge and integrity of your decision today. No good society or community would display a symbol of death, destruction, and deceit like Ho Chi Minh in their museum!

Kind regards,

TraMy Nguyen

CEO President of the Vietnamese American Community of the USA

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