Condolences to the McCain Family


September 1, 2018

To: Mrs. John S. McCain and family

Subject: Our condolences to the McCain’s family

Dear Mrs. McCain and family,

On behalf of The Vietnamese Community of the USA, we are very saddened by the passing away of Senator McCain. We still cannot believe that Senator died so unexpectedly. We are sorry and relieved to hear that after his valiant battle with his condition, he is no longer suffering.

Please accept our sincere and heartfelt condolences during this difficult time and please pass these feelings onto your family.

Senator McCain helped tens of thousands of Vietnamese political prisoners to settle in the U.S. under a program he sponsored and made it passed in the Congress. Thanks to his kindness and diplomacy, he was able to achieve several great things for the Vietnamese Community.

Senator McCain was such a wonderful person and has been a close friend of our community. He will always be missed.

May God bless and comfort you and your family,

For the Vietnamese American Community of the USA


TraMy Nguyen

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