Protest against the sale of some Chinese products with the South Vietnam Flag.

The Vietnamese American Community of the USA

 6050 Dawson Blvd., Ste: A-B, Norcross, GA 30093



TEL : (512) 437-1193, (404) 409-8992


June, 18, 2021

To Mr. Jeff Bezo, Founder and CEO

     Mr. Jeff Wilke, CEO, Amazon Worlwide Consumer

     Mr. Jeff Blackburn, Senior VP, Business and Corporate Development

     Mr. Jay Carney, Senior VP, Corporate Affairs.

410 Terry Ave. N.

Seattle, WA 98109-5210

Ref: Protest against the sale of some Chinese products with the South Vietnam Flag.

To whom it may concern,

After the Vietnam War ended in 1975, millions of South Vietnamese   have fled the country and were resettled in democratic countries, mostly in the United States. To them, the yellow flag with three strips is still their national flag. More than 50 cities and states in the US have issued declarations to recognize that flag as Vietnamese American traditional symbol. A great percentage of the population in Vietnam still embraces the ideology of democracy and freedom, and thus still respects the South Vietnam flag.

We found on several Chinese products that abuse our South Vietnam Flag. To our people, the national flag is the most sacred icon that we always respect and put in the highest place in our home. The use of the flag to make products such as bathroom mat, toilet seat cover, toilet mat, sport calf sleeves… is an act of grave insult to our people.

We know that those products were made and sold by communist Chinese people who for centuries have had an unfriendly attitude toward our Vietnamese. They would do anything to harm our feelings.

On behalf of the Vietnamese American Community of the USA, we respectfully ask to stop the selling of the said products and to reject any similar products in future.

We will be very thankful for your consideration.

Michael Peavey Do

Chairman of the Board of Directors


List of some products that we found very insulting:

1. Bidai’s product:  South Vietnam Flag Aprons, ASIN: ‎B08ZNC9ZQY, sold by Keyoushangmaodian.

2. Minalo’s product: 4Pcs Oven Mitts and Pot Holders Set, South Vietnam Flag, ASIN: B0969HPSM3, sold by dongyingqziyourenmotuochexiaoshoudian.

3. Gratnna’s product: Large Bath Towel, South Vietnam Flag, ASIN: 0978SNDQJ, sold by FuNanLuJiangZhuangShiGongChengYouXianGongSi.

4. Xiagou’s product: South Vietnam Flag Calf Compression Sleeve, UNSPSC Code: 42240000, sold by Jianzhong Chen

5. Kaireno’s product: 3 Piece Bathroom Rugs set, South Vietnam Flag, ASIN: B095SCB3BW, sold by uanchnegquqihongriyong pinbaihuodian

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1 Response to Protest against the sale of some Chinese products with the South Vietnam Flag.

  1. mpvd1946 says:

    Letter to Amazon CEO:

    To whom it may concern,

    As the set of toilet mat with South Vietnam Flag was removed, we sent you a thank you note and then discovered there are multiple sellers and manufacturers for certain other products.
    For instance, the 4 pcs Oven Mitts and Pot Holder set are sold by Vicafuci and Milano, the Sand Towel, Bath Towel with South Vietnam Flag are sold by at least 8 manufacturers or sellers.
    We don’t want to bother you too much. But we worry that the sale of those products is the intention of Communist China to humiliate Vietnamese people.
    We are of Oriental origin with different cultures to Westerners. We respect our flag and never use its image improperly.
    Please, stop all those products.
    BTW, our petition on Change.Org in regard to this issue so far, received 4500 signatures after 24 hours since we started.

    Michael Do
    Chairman of the Board of Directors
    The Vietnamese American Community of the USA.

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