Thư gửi Toà Đại Sứ Mỹ tại Việt Nam về việc một công dân Việt Nam ăn cắp tác quyền

Letter to US Embassy in Hanoi

Michael Do

16204 Viki Lynn Pl.

Pflugerville, TX 78660

Telephone: 512-437-1193



April 8, 2022


The US Embassy in Vietnam

7 Lang Ha Street

Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: +84-24-3850-5000

US Consulate General Saigon

4 Le Duan Blvd., District 1

Saigon, Vietnam

Phone: +84-28-3520-4200

Ref: A Vietnamese citizen seriously violates my author’s right.

Mr. Lê Minh Tôn (aka Tôn Phi), a Vietnamese citizen, 28 years old, is residing in Ha Tinh and Saigon, email address: tonphi2021@gmail.comTelephone number: +84 3 4433 1741, website:

Mr. Ton Phi claims himself as Director of the Vietnamese Pen Club, CEO of the Charlie Saigon Books and Computers Corporation, Secretary General of the Asian Journalists Association, CEO of the Luong Kim Dinh Scholarship, CEO of Sống Mới Publisher.

A week ago, Mr. Ton Phi sent me an email introducing the book title: Sửa Lỗi Chính Tả và Ngữ Pháp- Correcting Spelling and Grammar Errors. On the front cover, there are his name Ton Phi and my Vietnamese name Đỗ Văn Phúc as co-authors.

The book is about 18 pages, sold on at the price of US$200 for paperback and US$50 for a kindle book. It was also advertised on Mr. Ton Phi website ( at the price of 300 thousand VN Dong.

The contents of the book was my article titled “Những Chữ Có Thể Bị Hiểu và Dùng Sai.” which is the 13th article in my series Chuyen Dai Chu Nghia. This article, although largely published, was not added to the book Chuyen Dai Chu Nghia that was printed and introduced to the public in early March 2022.

I was very surprised since I have not known him or had not been asked for permission to use my writing.

One day after I questioned Mr. Ton Phi, he removed my name from the front cover, but still kept the contents.

I then filed a complaint to and the book was removed from the Amazon website.

Mr. Ton Phi then replaced the contents with the English version of my article translated by someone else. On the back cover page, he printed 2 introductory paragraphs of my article in Vietnamese! He resubmitted to Amazon and the book was on the site again!

Mr. Ton Phi also stole the article “Nghĩa Vụ Cầm Bút: Nuôi Hy Vọng Tác Động Đến Quần Chúng” by Mr. Nguyễn Thiếu Nhẫn of San Jose to publish the book with same title even though he has never known or contacted Mr. Nguyen Thieu Nhan. As an old man, Mr Nguyen Thieu Nhan doesn’t know how to contact Amazon to complain. I am helping him. You can contact Mr. Nguyen via his email address is for verification.

The act of stealing other intellectual properties is a serious violation of the copyrights law in the US as well as in Vietnam.

Mr. Ton Phi thinks that he is in Vietnam – far away from our jurisdiction – and we cannot do anything to him. He kept challenging us by emailing more info on other books that we believe were stolen from many other authors.

We respectfully ask the US and Vietnamese authorities to take action to stop Mr. Ton Phi from stealing our works.

We are attaching the compiled information in regard to his violation.

Thank you very much

Đỗ Văn Phúc

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